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With a range of painting and decorating services for both business and homes, we can transform your rooms into visually appealing, clean and bright places to impress friends and family or that important client you will be looking to acquire.
16th December 2018
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Decorating your home or business? How to achieve the perfect colour scheme.

Starting to paint without having a colour scheme in place can be disastrous.  Many people do not appreciate that colours influence mood and behaviour as well […]
16th December 2018
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Wallpaper trends coming your way for 2019.

With trends being what they are, they are constantly changing and transforming. This is particularly relevant when it comes to interior design.  As far as wallpapers […]
16th December 2018
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Avoiding confusion: Paint finishes explained.

Paint is paint, right?  Wrong! All paints are not the same and the finishes vary considerably.  Not only do they look different but some are better […]
19th November 2018
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Painting and Decorating for the Home.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, or you’ve not paid much attention to your current home as the years have gone by, there comes […]